Carolina Basketball and Golf

Tar HeelsHow does a New York Institute of Technology graduate become a North Carolina Tar Heel?   She marries one.

If you know Rebecca (or read my The Golfer’s Perfect Spouse blog) you know she’s the most un-athletic person in the world.   I’m not convinced Rebecca even knows the names of sports because she only ever refers to golf as “little white ball”, football as “pointy ball” and my favorite, “fuzzy ball” (tennis).

So you can imagine my surprise when shortly into our relationship she said “Carolina is playing tonight, let’s watch the game”.  What?   As it turns out, even the most un-athletic person in the world loves her alma mater so much she’ll watch “big orange ball.”

And so began my Tar Heel love affair, which brings me to golf.  One doesn’t think of basketball as being a gentlemen’s game, but […]