Prejudice:  Golf Once Again Proves It’s a Microcosm of Life. 

Prejudice2My friend Bill and I were paired with two strangers on The Red Course at Bethpage.  The round was excruciatingly slow.  When we got to the 8th green, we could see the group on the 11th tee box had 4 – yes, you read that right, 4 – holes open in front of them.  And the group behind them wasn’t pushing them, so we knew they were just as slow.

Joe, one of the strangers we were paired with, said, “It’s the Koreans that make golf so slow.”  I asked, “What Koreans?”  He said, “It’s always the Koreans”.   I said, pointing to the group on the 11th tee box, “But those are 4 white guys”.  Then I added, pointing to the second slow group “And those are 4 white guys.”

But he wouldn’t give up.  In fact, he got testy and shot back, […]

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Golf Is Not Perfect

TurtleIf you’ve been reading this blog, you know that I love golf as much as anyone.  And not just playing it – I love golf for its honor, traditions and sportsmanship.

But golf isn’t perfect.  The National Golf Foundation recently found two things:  1) the number of rounds played has dropped significantly from its heyday in the 90’s (some believe golf is in crisis), and 2) ninety percent of people surveyed said slow play is the biggest factor spoiling their enjoyment of the game.   While surely there are other reasons for golf’s decline, these two things must be connected.  Slow pace of play is negatively affecting the game.

When Mr. Egger took me out for my first round of golf (way back in the olden days), he was adamant that we keep up with the group in front of us.  He said […]

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Getting to Know You

gettingtoknowyouThere’s an age-old golf adage that says you need only play 18 holes with someone to know who they really are.  Sometimes it doesn’t even take that long.

RAY:  I didn’t know Ray from Adam when we first played, but I found out everything I needed to know on the 6th hole when his perfectly struck drive wound up in a divot.  His friend saw his awful lie and told him to roll it out of the hole (gracious, but against the rules).  Ray didn’t say “no” or “no thanks,” he said “Never!”  That one word, so adamantly expressed, told me so much about Ray:  he’s honest, he plays by the rules, and he doesn’t have a sense of entitlement when things go wrong. Needless to say, I love spending time with Ray.

KEN:  I was paired with Ken at a public course […]

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