Bucket List? This Was Sucket List

Rebecca and I took a recent trip to Florida and I had one day to play golf in the Miami area.  Who knew Miami golf was so expensive?   OK, maybe you knew, but I didn’t.  The course closest to our hotel (which I saw from the street but looked unimpressive) was $300.  Then there was the “famous” course but that was $400.  I asked the concierge if the price included Hamilton tickets.

So I played a course about an hour outside of the city that charged $45.   Silly me.

I got to the first tee but the grass was so overgrown I couldn’t figure out the direction of the hole.  And I don’t mean I was wondering if it was straight or a dogleg – I mean, which way did the Tee Box face?

But I spotted the group in front of me and hit a decent drive in the fairway; this […]