Patrick Reed and Frightened Little Commentators

OMG, I’m watching the coverage of the latest Patrick Reed cheating incident in disbelief. I’m not surprised Reed cheated – he’s cheated so many times I’ve come to expect it. But the professional commentating about it is pitiful.

For non-golfer readers, a player gets relief (is allowed to move their ball to a better position) if their ball plugs in its own pitch mark – in other words, slams into the ground and sticks right there, embedded into a cavity caused by its own landing.  At one time, this rule only covered areas of closely mown grass (fairways and greens), but about twenty years ago, it was extended to include the rough – and that’s where Reed’s ball was.

In determining if a ball is plugged in its own pitch mark in the rough, a key question is whether the ball bounced. On a super-soft […]