Umpires and managers for HonorThere are few sports where honor plays as prominent a role as it does in golf.  The reason?  There aren’t any rules officials – we’re on our own to call rules infractions on ourselves.  Even if we accidentally move our golf ball 1/16 of an inch, in the woods, 100 yards from our nearest competitor, we assess ourselves a penalty stroke.  And while officials are made available at some tournaments, golfers still call infractions on themselves when officials aren’t present.  This is why golf is known as a game of honor.

Compare this to other sports:

  • Football, where some say the mantra is “if you’re not cheating, you’re not trying.” Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge NFL fan and love football for its athleticism, power and speed.  But honor?  Not its strong suit.
  • Baseball, where even Derek […]

The Golfer and the Porn Star

I was staying at a VERY REPUTABLE Orlando hotel prior to my morning flight and went down to the bar to watch Sunday Night Football.  John sat down next to me.  We hit it off and were chatting when a woman sat down on the other side of him.

The two of us were so different I wondered if we were members of the same species!   She was tattooed from head to toe.  How did I know from head to toe?  Because her skin was visible pretty much from head to toe.  I was wearing a sweater, Dockers, sweat socks, and loafers.

She was wearing stilettos that hurt my ankles just to look at.

Two of her tattoos were very prominent: two skull tattoos right above her… uh, um, bosom.  Now, that’s not a word that has ever made it onto this website.  I […]

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