I Made a Mistake

I made a mistakeI Made a Mistake

I’m not perfect.  If you know me personally you already know that!   A few months ago I made a mistake.  I apologized immediately, but I still felt bad about it.

I had a hard time letting it go.  Should I apologize again?  Have I done enough to make up for it?  Was there anything else I could do or say?  I’m pretty good at feeling guilty – thanks mom and dad for my Roman Catholic upbringing.  I’m not a practicing Catholic anymore, but Roman Catholic guilt?  That never leaves you.

And I might have stayed in this guilt abyss even longer had I not made a really bad shot while playing golf.

&!%$# – what a bad chip!  And chipping is the best part of my game (it’s all relative) so I was extra mad at myself.  But […]