Imelda Marcos Ellis

ShoesforImeldaMarcosEllistapI’m a fashion statement.   Unfortunately, the statement is:  “Patty, what the heck are you wearing?”

If there’s a chromosome for loving fashion and clothes, I didn’t get it.   I have no talent or fashion sense, I have no idea how colors go together, and I’d rather put pins in my eyes than go clothes shopping.

Except for golf shoes!  I just love golf shoes.  And not just any golf shoes – golf shoes on sale.  Oooh, just saying “golf shoes” and “sale” in the same sentence gives me the warm fuzzies.

One year I bought 4 pair on vacation in Myrtle Beach, then just three weeks later bought another 4 pair on sale in Boca.  I saw one pair (only $49.99) that I couldn’t decide if I loved or hated, so I asked the store-clerk what she thought.  She said she hated […]