Non-confrontation Confrontations

My last blogpost, The Confrontation, was about a crazy man attacking my friend Butch because Butch accidentally hit into him.  Here are some similar situations which, thankfully, didn’t have quite the same level of aggression.

HARRY:  In my normal weekday game, we try to play in the first group because, even in the 2nd group, it’s possible to get stuck behind slow players.  This happened to us one morning.  The right thing for the group in front of us to have done was let us play through.  Doing so is actually written right into the Rules of Golf – page 4 no less!  But nooooooooooo, they just weren’t going to be that considerate, so we were stuck behind them.  And it’s not like they didn’t know we were waiting for them because, on the 9th green, one yelled back at us “Slow […]