Prejudice:  Golf Once Again Proves It’s a Microcosm of Life. 

My friend Bill and I were paired with two strangers on The Red Course at Bethpage.  The round was excruciatingly slow.  When we got to the 8th green, we could see the group on the 11th tee box had 4 – yes, you read that right, 4 - holes open in front of them.  And the group behind them wasn’t pushing them, so we knew they were just as slow. Joe, one of the strangers we were paired with, said, “It’s the Koreans that make golf so slow.”  I asked, “What Koreans?” [...]

May 24th, 2016|3 Comments

Marco Rubio Needs a Golf Lesson

Marco Rubio lost to Donald Trump in the last set of primaries and dropped out of the Presidential race.  Why? Because he broke the Cardinal Rule of Golf. I know this rule well.  As a shorter hitter, I’m constantly being out-driven by my competitors.   Being out-driven puts me at a disadvantage, but I can still compete if I stick with my strengths... get it close, chip and putt.  But I don’t stand a chance if I try to outdrive longer hitters.  All it does is take me out of my game - [...]

March 22nd, 2016|4 Comments

War on the Bethpage Black Course

If you’ve played the Black Course at Bethpage, you know it can take a long time.  When there are slow players in front of you, it can be agonizing. Jim, Bill, Greg and I were in this agonized state when, after 5 hours, we were only on the 15th hole.  The slow foursome was two groups in front of us.  Jim had already yelled out at them on the 10th hole to play faster, but they had ignored him. Let me make sure I’m setting up this war story clearly:  They’re the bad [...]

October 29th, 2015|11 Comments

Imelda Marcos Ellis

I'm a fashion statement.   Unfortunately, the statement is:  "Patty, what the heck are you wearing?" If there's a chromosome for loving fashion and clothes, I didn't get it.   I have no talent or fashion sense, I have no idea how colors go together, and I'd rather put pins in my eyes than go clothes shopping. Except for golf shoes!  I just love golf shoes.  And not just any golf shoes - golf shoes on sale.  Oooh, just saying "golf shoes" and "sale" in the same sentence gives me the warm [...]

October 7th, 2015|8 Comments

Golf Is Not Perfect

If you’ve been reading this blog, you know that I love golf as much as anyone.  And not just playing it - I love golf for its honor, traditions and sportsmanship. But golf isn’t perfect.  The National Golf Foundation recently found two things:  1) the number of rounds played has dropped significantly from its heyday in the 90’s (some believe golf is in crisis), and 2) ninety percent of people surveyed said slow play is the biggest factor spoiling their enjoyment of the game.   While surely there are other reasons for [...]

September 2nd, 2015|12 Comments

The Difference Between Men’s and Women’s “Games”

Over the years, I've discovered that playing golf with men has some subtle, yet significant, differences from playing golf with women.   Here's a few of my observations: Men spit.  Almost all spitting men are courteous, but once I was walking down the fairway enjoying the scenery when... Bammo!  I was hopping over incoming projectile saliva. Keep an eye out. If you’re a woman playing with three men and you don't see one of them, don’t look for him.  He’s in the woods - and he's not looking for his golf ball.  I [...]

August 18th, 2015|8 Comments