Who’ll Show Up To Play Today?

Remember the Patty Duke show?  Patty was the lead role, but then her “identical cousin” Cathy would appear out of nowhere. That’s how I feel on the golf course.  Sometimes I look like someone who’s played golf before.  I’m not a great player, but it’s clear I’ve played before. But then this BI&T$#CH “cousin” Cathy shows up - unwelcomed, uninvited and possibly high on drugs - and takes over my golf game.  She can’t even hold a club properly.  Her takeaway is bad, she has no follow-through, and she can’t chip or [...]

April 23rd, 2019|10 Comments

Controversy at the Solheim Cup

There was a controversy over a “gimme” putt at the Solheim Cup and Norway’s Suzann Pettersen got slammed for it. For my non-golfing readers, a player can concede their opponent’s next putt – one that is usually so short it’s virtually certain of being made anyway – by saying something like “that’s good.” On the 17th hole of close match, American Alison Lee thought she’d heard one of her European opponents (either Pettersen or Charley Hull) say “that’s good”, so she picked up her 18-inch putt.  But neither Pettersen nor Hull had [...]

April 22nd, 2019|12 Comments

Then Vs. Now

I was very sad to learn that Louise Suggs passed away on Friday.   I’ve been a fan of the LPGA since I started playing golf and Ms. Suggs’ legacy, as a feisty competitor and quick-witted personality, is legendary.  But it’s not her golf I’ll miss - there’s great golf today - it’s her personality.  Players today just don’t seem to have the same spontaneity and, well, fun. Ms. Suggs once said:  "Golf is very much like a love affair - if you don't take it seriously, it's no fun. But if you [...]

April 21st, 2019|3 Comments

This is What I’m Talking About!

If you read my blog post titled Then Vs. Now, you know I miss the lack of spontaneity, authenticity and even enjoyment shown by today’s professional golfers.  Did you happen to catch Roberta Vinci beating Serena Williams today?  I know that was a tennis match and this is a golf blog, but Vinci’s post-match interview was everything I love about sports and athletes.  http://espn.go.com/ Serena Williams was on a path to make tennis history and seemed unbeatable.  Then Roberta Vinci, not even ranked and against all odds, beat her. The victory itself was [...]

April 20th, 2019|5 Comments

“Friendly” Matches

They’re called “friendly" matches but they’re not always so friendly. I was playing a match with Barbara as my teammate against Beth and Ann.  It was all square (tied) until I won the 4th hole by shooting a 5 when the three of them all shot sixes.  But Beth said she shot a 5, too. Uh oh - there was no question she shot a 6. In the most non-confrontational way I could muster, I asked, "Beth, are you sure you shot a 5?"  Apparently, she didn't like being second-guessed.  "Yes", she [...]

April 20th, 2019|15 Comments

It’s a Bird, it’s a Plane, it’s…

My all-time favorite golf story - I hope my writing does it justice.  And note:  names have been changed to protect the guilty - you know who you are. Bob, two other friends and I were on the 18th hole of the Blue Course at Bethpage State Park.  Bob had a difficult 50-yard approach shot up a hill and over a very steep greenside bunker.  But Bob has a great short game.  Confidently, he looked up at the green, then back at the ball.  Again, up at the green, back at the [...]

April 20th, 2019|7 Comments