Why I Root for Stacy

https://lpgawomensnetwork.com/why-i-root-for-stacy-lewis/ AUCHTERARDER, SCOTLAND - SEPTEMBER 10: Stacy Lewis of Team USA during a press conference prior to the start of The Solheim Cup at Gleneagles on September 10, 2019 in Auchterarder, Scotland. (Photo by Stuart Franklin/Getty Images)

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Playing a Highfalutin’ Course, When You’re Lowfalutin’ Me

I think I speak for every public golfer - I love playing exclusive golf courses.  For us, getting out on these gems is a wonderful treat. But exclusive courses can be a minefield of gaffes for a public course hack like me.  Just parking my car poses a problem. Once, I was pulling into a parking space when I noticed every single car around me was a Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar … geees, is that a Rolls?  I parked my ten-year old Subaru down the hill in the secondary lot. Then there's the "only change [...]

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Hezbollah and Me

In 2010, I visited Lebanon, my ancestral homeland - where, shockingly, there's a golf course!  Who knew?  I mean, Lebanon - it just doesn't scream golf.  It screams hummus and grape leaves, and maybe bombs, but golf? But yes, indeed, in 1923 the Golf Club of Lebanon was opened right in the heart of Beirut, and I couldn't resist playing it. Just getting to the course was an adventure.  The cab driver spoke very little English and while I know a lot of Arabic words, they're almost all food and curses.  But [...]

April 26th, 2019|14 Comments

The Golfer’s Perfect Spouse

I got really lucky in the spouse department.  Rebecca and I have been together 22 years.  And although I tease her that they've been the best 6 years of my life, all 22 have been wonderful. Rebecca's not athletic - au contraire.   Her favorite statement, which she says proudly, is "I don't do anything with balls involved."  In fact, she's so non-athletic she's like Einstein's "antimatter".  Antimatter isn't the lack of matter, and it's not a vacuum, it's ANTI-matter.  Rebecca isn't just not an athlete, she's the ANTI-athlete.  Stand too close to [...]

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Gratitude – Happy Thanksgiving

I finished the 15th hole of a course down in Florida this past Thanksgiving week and there were two maintenance workers working hard in the heat.  I often say hello to maintenance workers.  I’m sure they couldn’t care less about me, but they work really hard so I can have fun, and it just doesn’t feel right to walk by and ignore them.  I assumed (correctly) that they were Hispanic and said, “Buenos días.”  They smiled and responded, “Buenos días.” While walking away I had an interesting thought:  out of the 7.6 [...]

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