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The Lexi Thompson Controversy:  I’m stunned

The Lexi Thompson controversy is shocking to me.

It was a pretty big golf story so I’m guessing you heard about it:  after marking her ball, Thompson replaced it in a different spot.  The LPGA was alerted to the infraction by a TV viewer a day after it happened.  After they reviewed the video tape, they assessed a heavy penalty which cost Thompson the coveted championship.

I was at the course when the news broke.  Fans were outraged at LPGA Rules officials.  People were screaming, “They screwed her,” and “They stole this from her!”   I, too, was upset, because I assumed Thompson had replaced her ball just a blade of grass from the right spot and some viewer, some trigonometry buff using signs and cosigns, had calculated a 1/100th of an inch breach.

As Warner Wolf used to say… let’s go to the video […]

Best Trip Ever?

I’ve been on lots of great golf trips, so I was pretty surprised when I mumbled “Best Golf Trip Ever” to myself on my flight home from Innisbrook, Florida.

First, the trip had adventure.   Remember Hurricane Matthew?  It was landing on the east coast of Florida the same day I was landing on the west coast.  I toyed with not going, but I figured I’d let the plane decide for me – if it was going, I was going.  So when the plane took off, I was on it.  I’ve never flown INTO a hurricane before, but fortunately Matthew left us alone.

Then there’s Trenton airport – my favorite!  It’s so small, I literally (and I use the word literally, literally) parked 40 yards from the terminal – I lasered it with my range finder.  And on both flights no one sat in […]

Rooting for the Cubs

cubsI heard a sportscaster say he was tired of all the “fair-weather Cubs fans”.  So I had to ask myself, geeesh, is that all I am — a fair-weather Cubs fan?

If you read my Tribute To Dad blog, you know I’m a life-long Mets fan.   But I’ve been having an “affair” with the Chicago Cubs.  I’ll admit it’s partly because I went to a Chicago Gay Pride Parade where not only did The Cubs send a float, but their representative was Ernie Banks, “Mr. Cub” himself.  WOW.

But that’s not the real reason for my love affair.  In fact, it’s not really the team I’m in love with, it’s the fans.  If you know baseball, you know Cubs fans are renowned for being special.  First off, they’re good sports.  Wrigley is one of the few stadiums where opposing team fans […]

I Made a Mistake

I made a mistakeI Made a Mistake

I’m not perfect.  If you know me personally you already know that!   A few months ago I made a mistake.  I apologized immediately, but I still felt bad about it.

I had a hard time letting it go.  Should I apologize again?  Have I done enough to make up for it?  Was there anything else I could do or say?  I’m pretty good at feeling guilty – thanks mom and dad for my Roman Catholic upbringing.  I’m not a practicing Catholic anymore, but Roman Catholic guilt?  That never leaves you.

And I might have stayed in this guilt abyss even longer had I not made a really bad shot while playing golf.

&!%$#  – what a bad chip!  And chipping is the best part of my game (it’s all relative) so I was extra mad at myself.  But […]

Prejudice:  Golf Once Again Proves It’s a Microcosm of Life. 

Prejudice2My friend Bill and I were paired with two strangers on The Red Course at Bethpage.  The round was excruciatingly slow.  When we got to the 8th green, we could see the group on the 11th tee box had 4 – yes, you read that right, 4 – holes open in front of them.  And the group behind them wasn’t pushing them, so we knew they were just as slow.

Joe, one of the strangers we were paired with, said, “It’s the Koreans that make golf so slow.”  I asked, “What Koreans?”  He said, “It’s always the Koreans”.   I said, pointing to the group on the 11th tee box, “But those are 4 white guys”.  Then I added, pointing to the second slow group “And those are 4 white guys.”

But he wouldn’t give up.  In fact, he got testy and shot back, […]

I’m Not Kicking the Bucket Bucket List – Pebble Beach

In a bizarre coincidence, I played all four of my top Bucket List courses in 2015.  This is Part 3 in the series “I’m Not Kicking the Bucket Bucket List.”

Pebble BeachSandra had a milestone birthday – her 30th.  Not!  But she’d kill me if I gave her real age.  So she, some great golfing friends and I went to her #1 (and my #3) Bucket List course, Pebble Beach.

Sandra and I roomed together.  Remember The Odd Couple?  She would spend 20 minutes doing her hair, I’d put on a baseball cap.  She would try on three different outfits, I’d remember to wear a belt.  She showered before AND after golf.  Are you kidding me?

Sandra was the best roommate, I was the worst.  On the first day of our 5-day trip, I pulled out my back.  And if enduring back pain wasn’t […]

Carolina Basketball and Golf

Tar HeelsHow does a New York Institute of Technology graduate become a North Carolina Tar Heel?   She marries one.

If you know Rebecca (or read my The Golfer’s Perfect Wife blog) you know she’s the most un-athletic person in the world.   I’m not convinced Rebecca even knows the names of sports because she only ever refers to golf as “little white ball”, football as “pointy ball” and my favorite, “fuzzy ball” (tennis).

So you can imagine my surprise when shortly into our relationship she said “Carolina is playing tonight, let’s watch the game”.  What?   As it turns out, even the most un-athletic person in the world loves her alma mater so much she’ll watch “big orange ball.”

And so began my Tar Heel love affair, which brings me to golf.  One doesn’t think of basketball as being a gentlemen’s game, […]

Marco Rubio Needs a Golf Lesson

RubioMarco Rubio lost to Trump in the last set of primaries and dropped out of the Presidential race.  Why? Because he broke the Cardinal Rule of Golf.

I know this rule well.  As a shorter hitter, I’m constantly being out-driven by my competitors.   Being out-driven puts me at a disadvantage, but I can still compete if I stick with my strengths… get it close, chip and putt.  But I don’t stand a chance if I try to outdrive longer hitters.  All it does is take me out of my game – and increase my frustration every time someone outdrives me by 40 yards!  The Cardinal Rule of Golf is stay within your game.

In my analogy Rubio is the short-hitter, Trump the long-hitter (and yes, I realize there’s some irony in this analogy).  Trump is the best at swatting away barbs […]

Not Kicking the Bucket List – The Dinah Shore

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This is the second blog in a series of four about playing all my top Bucket List courses in 2015.

The Dinah Shore Course at Mission Hills, Palm Springs, CA. 

I don’t know if there’s a golf tournament I love as much as the LPGA ANA Inspiration, once known as the Kraft Nabisco Championship, once known as the Nabisco Dinah Shore, once known as, well, many other names.  But it’ll always be The Dinah to me.

Oh wait, it has one other name.  About 25 years ago some entrepreneurs created an annual lesbian weekend extravaganza in Palm Springs to coincide with the tournament.  Every year, tens of thousands of lesbians attend pool parties, events and shows during The Dinah weekend.  So, many attendees know it by its nickname:  The Vagina Shore.

Younger people may know about the tournament, but not so much […]