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Hezbollah and Me

DOHAQatarArabGamesGolferYasminaAl-SharshaniShotsWomensindividualGolfCompetition-2In 2010, I visited Lebanon, my ancestral homeland – where, shockingly, there’s a golf course!  Who knew?  I mean, Lebanon – it just doesn’t scream golf.  It screams hummus and grape leaves, and maybe bombs, but golf?

But yes, indeed, in 1923 the Golf Club of Lebanon was opened right in the heart of Beirut, and I couldn’t resist playing it.

Just getting to the course was an adventure.  The cab driver spoke very little English and while I know a lot of Arabic words, they’re almost all food and curses.  But after a few animated swings and repeating the word “golf,” we made it to the course.

Was I expecting a beautiful masonry welcome gate here in Beirut?  No. But I also wasn’t expecting the army check-point gate either… complete with a guard!  The driver said something to the guard in Arabic (I’m […]

Hezbollah and Me2019-04-28T10:19:30-04:00

“Friendly” Matches

RecoloredCroppedThey’re called “friendly” matches but they’re not always so friendly.

I was playing a match with Barbara as my teammate against Beth and Ann.  It was all square (tied) until I won the 4th hole by shooting a 5 when the three of them all shot sixes.  But Beth said she shot a 5, too.

Uh oh – there was no question she shot a 6.

In the most non-confrontational way I could muster, I asked, “Beth, are you sure you shot a 5?”  Apparently, she didn’t like being second-guessed.  “Yes”, she fired back.  “I shot a 5!”

CROSSROADS!   Do I let it go or do I pursue it?

Maybe you’re like me – I have two little women who stand, one on each shoulder, telling me what to do:

Left-shoulder womanYou won the hole fair and square, Patty, don’t let her intimidate […]

“Friendly” Matches2019-04-30T19:32:11-04:00

Imelda Marcos Ellis

ShoesforImeldaMarcosEllistapI’m a fashion statement.   Unfortunately, the statement is:  “Patty, what the heck are you wearing?”

If there’s a chromosome for loving fashion and clothes, I didn’t get it.   I have no talent or fashion sense, I have no idea how colors go together, and I’d rather put pins in my eyes than go clothes shopping.

Except for golf shoes!  I just love golf shoes.  And not just any golf shoes – golf shoes on sale.  Oooh, just saying “golf shoes” and “sale” in the same sentence gives me the warm fuzzies.

One year I bought 4 pair on vacation in Myrtle Beach, then just three weeks later bought another 4 pair on sale in Boca.  I saw one pair (only $49.99) that I couldn’t decide if I loved or hated, so I asked the store-clerk what she thought.  She said she hated […]

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Getting the Most Out of Your Clubs

P1030149tapI was playing Dyker Beach (the course’s name is just a coincidence) with my dear friends, Deb and Mary.  

On the 9th hole Deb crushed a drive.   I MEAN CRUSHED IT!   It was the purest drive I’d ever seen her hit, 230 yards with a perfect draw. You could see the pride on her face – and I was happy for her. 

But then there’s that thing called the second shot.  

With a 3-wood in hand, Deb lined up, wiggled her hips and swung really, really hard.   The clubhead hit the ground 3 inches behind the ball.  The ball rolled 10 yards.  The divot flew 15.

Her frustration was palpable.  She tried to breathe, but Mary and I could see she was going to blow…. and she did.  Like an ancient Greek discus hurler, she made a complete circle with her body, […]

Getting the Most Out of Your Clubs2019-04-28T16:48:36-04:00

Karmic Footprint

P1030035Carol is a Fluffer.  No, not that kind of Fluffer (dirty minds)!  She fluffs her shots on the golf course.  When she’s in the rough or a footprint in a bunker (and thinks no one is looking) she puts her club behind her ball, then with a little flick, rolls the ball, fluffing it up onto a better lie.

I caught her dead to rights once.  After she fluffed, she realized I was standing right there looking at her.  She tried to defend herself — “I really want to make par here and the ball was buried.”  I replied, “Why don’t you just pick it up and put it in the hole for a birdie?”

My sarcasm had no effect, but then one day, because the universe demands it, Karma struck Carol.  In a huge match which was all square (tied) on the […]

Karmic Footprint2019-04-28T16:50:49-04:00