RecoloredCroppedThey’re called “friendly” matches but they’re not always so friendly.

I was playing a match with Barbara as my teammate against Beth and Ann.  It was all square (tied) until I won the 4th hole by shooting a 5 when the three of them all shot sixes.  But Beth said she shot a 5, too.

Uh oh – there was no question she shot a 6.

In the most non-confrontational way I could muster, I asked, “Beth, are you sure you shot a 5?”  Apparently, she didn’t like being second-guessed.  “Yes”, she fired back.  “I shot a 5!”

CROSSROADS!   Do I let it go or do I pursue it?

Maybe you’re like me – I have two little women who stand, one on each shoulder, telling me what to do:

Left-shoulder womanYou won the hole fair and square, Patty, don’t let her intimidate you.

Right-shoulder women:   It doesn’t mean you’re being intimidated if you let it go.  Being kind is more important than being right.

LSW:  Oh that’s such drivel.  Being right matters.  Stand up for yourself.

RSW:  Compassion and serenity are what you’re striving for. Patty, let it go.

LSW:  Wimp.

RSWYou’ll be the bigger person.

LSW:   You’ll be the bigger wimp.

RSW:   Patty, grow.

LSW:   Patty, grow some!

“Beth, remember, you drove it in the fairway, your second shot was left of the green, then you flubbed a chip, then chipped onto the green, then you two-putted.   I think it was a six.”

Her face got red… “FINE!” she huffed while storming off to the next tee.

After the next hole Beth’s partner asked her what she scored and she said as loudly as she could “Why don’t you just ask Patty?”

Left Shoulder woman:  Tell her she’s an …..