I’ve been on lots of great golf trips, so I was pretty surprised when I mumbled “Best Golf Trip Ever” to myself on my flight home from Innisbrook, Florida.

First, the trip had adventure.   Remember Hurricane Matthew?  It was landing on the east coast of Florida the same day I was landing on the west coast.  I toyed with not going, but I figured I’d let the plane decide for me – if it was going, I was going.  So when the plane took off, I was on it.  I’ve never flown INTO a hurricane before, but fortunately Matthew left us alone.

Then there’s Trenton airport – my favorite!  It’s so small, I literally (and I use the word literally, literally) parked 40 yards from the terminal – I lasered it with my range finder.  And on both flights no one sat in the middle seat, nor did anyone have body odor, French-whore perfume or kick the back of my seat.  Life’s little pleasures.

Now, you’re expecting me to say how much I loved the courses.  They were fine, but nothing to write home (or blog) about. What I loved so much were the players and the camaraderie.  I blogged about this trip last year (see Are We Sure Winning Is the Only Thing?).  Each day we’d play very serious golf in our Ryder Cup style matches.  But then each night we’d have dinner (and a drink or two, or 8 or 9) and laugh harder than I’m used to laughing.

And the best thing?  We refrained from talking politics – thus capping the perfect golf trip.