I knew something was wrong as soon as I saw my sagging travel golf bag on the baggage carousel.  I opened up the bag and the driver head fell out, then my seven iron head, then…  “Crummy Airlines USA” had snapped every club in my bag.  In fact, the devastation was so total, even the golf bag itself, the one inside the travel bag, had its spine broken.  Insert sobbing sound here.

There’s a reason my clubs were 25 years old – I loved them!  If my sand wedge were human, I would have dated it.  And like salt in my wounds, they destroyed my clubs on the way down to Florida, not on the way back up.  In fact, I was going straight from the airport to play the PGA National Championship Course with one of my favorite golfing buddies.  She was able to borrow a set for me, but I couldn’t hit them to save my life.

So after the round, and in a panic, I went to Golf Traders in Tamarac to rent a set.  While perusing the rentals, the owner, Bob, said he had a great set of new women’s clubs “for just $895” – the best quality set of clubs for the money….anywhere!

I didn’t say this out loud, but seriously?  Who does he think I am?  I’ve been playing golf since, well, quite possibly before he was born!  I would never buy some generic, off-the-rack set of golf clubs.

Then he said, “Do you have a place here in Florida?  You could just leave them here.” Hmmmm, interesting concept:  keeping clubs in Florida would mean no airline would have the chance to destroy them again.  So I tried them out… not bad.  In fact, I hit them pretty well. Then I did some quick math:  5 days of club rentals for this trip, plus extra baggage fees every time I come to Florida.  They’d pay for themselves in…. I was still deep in the math when Bob said, “it includes the bag.”

$895 later I was leaving the store with my “I would never buy some generic, off-the-rack set of golf clubs” golf clubs.

Saga over?  Not quite.  After using them, I realized I liked them all except the driver.  I called Bob, but this set only came with that particular driver.  “But come back in,” he said, “we’ll exchange it for a used driver you like.”  How nice of him!

So back to Golf Traders I go.  I park in their lot, get out of the car, tuck the bad driver under my arm, open the door to the store…. geeesh this door is heavy… oh man, it’s closing on, nooooooooooooo, the driver!


Yup, another broken club.  I was officially in broken golf club hell.  I’ve never plugged any company (or anything) on this website before, but I just have to give a shout out to Golf Traders in Tamarac.  Not only did they make the effort and take the time to find me a great used driver, they gave me the previously offered free exchange… for a broken club!  I think it was because they’re really great, but I’ll admit, they might have been extra kind so they wouldn’t have to witness a 60-year old woman break down and cry – I was pretty upset when that driver snapped.

So the Silver Lining in a very sad story – Golf Traders!  I think of them and smile every time I hit a good shot with one of my wonderful “I would never buy some generic, off-the-rack set of golf clubs” golf clubs.