cubsI heard a sportscaster say he was tired of all the “fair-weather Cubs fans”.  So I had to ask myself, geeesh, is that all I am — a fair-weather Cubs fan?

If you read my Tribute To Dad blog, you know I’m a life-long Mets fan.   But I’ve been having an “affair” with the Chicago Cubs.  I’ll admit it’s partly because I went to a Chicago Gay Pride Parade where not only did The Cubs send a float, but their representative was Ernie Banks, “Mr. Cub” himself.  WOW.

But that’s not the real reason for my love affair.  In fact, it’s not really the team I’m in love with, it’s the fans.  If you know baseball, you know Cubs fans are renowned for being special.  First off, they’re good sports.  Wrigley is one of the few stadiums where opposing team fans can wear their team’s clothing without getting hassled.  I tested this by going there wearing, yes, a Cubs jersey, but with my Mets hat.  The only reaction I got was an usher saying “Cute”.

Secondly, Cubs fans never leave Wrigley Field before the end of the game (in Los Angeles, they leave after the 7th inning!)  Cubs fans even stay after the game has ended to sing their “Go Cubs Go” song together.  I sang it with them that day at Wrigley – you cannot believe how moving it is to share pure joy with 41,000 fellow fans.

And lastly, the stories about how much Cubs fans love their team (and how much they’ve suffered) are just heartwarming.  A guy drove all the way from North Carolina to Indiana to listen to game 7 of the World Series “with” his father – by his father’s gravesite.   There are so many of these stories – read this ESPN piece only if you want to cry.

So, am I happy the Cubs won?  Yes.  But I’m ecstatic Cubs fans won.  And if that makes me a fair-weather fan, so be it.