RubioMarco Rubio lost to Donald Trump in the last set of primaries and dropped out of the Presidential race.  Why? Because he broke the Cardinal Rule of Golf.

I know this rule well.  As a shorter hitter, I’m constantly being out-driven by my competitors.   Being out-driven puts me at a disadvantage, but I can still compete if I stick with my strengths… get it close, chip and putt.  But I don’t stand a chance if I try to outdrive longer hitters.  All it does is take me out of my game – and increase my frustration every time someone outdrives me by 40 yards!  The Cardinal Rule of Golf is stay within your game.

In my analogy, Rubio is the short-hitter, Trump the long-hitter.  Trump is the best at swatting away barbs and making sure the ones he throws land.   This was never Rubio’s strength.  As soon as Rubio brought up “small hands”, I knew it was over.  He tried to play Trump’s game, or in keeping with my analogy, outdrive him, and he lost.

Now I’m not saying Rubio would have won had he stuck to his own game-plan.  There was a lot going against him just as there is with me if I’m competing on a longer course.  But we both stand a better chance if we stick to our own game and not try to be someone we’re not.