ShoesforImeldaMarcosEllistapI’m a fashion statement.   Unfortunately, the statement is:  “Patty, what the heck are you wearing?”

If there’s a chromosome for loving fashion and clothes, I didn’t get it.   I have no talent or fashion sense, I have no idea how colors go together, and I’d rather put pins in my eyes than go clothes shopping.

Except for golf shoes!  I just love golf shoes.  And not just any golf shoes – golf shoes on sale.  Oooh, just saying “golf shoes” and “sale” in the same sentence gives me the warm fuzzies.

One year I bought 4 pair on vacation in Myrtle Beach, then just three weeks later bought another 4 pair on sale in Boca.  I saw one pair (only $49.99) that I couldn’t decide if I loved or hated, so I asked the store-clerk what she thought.  She said she hated them.  I bought them.

And what’s really embarrassing (or should I say would be embarrassing for someone else – I don’t seem to mind) is I’ll accept hand-me-downs, too.   I have friends who are true fashion statements, and sometimes they buy beautiful golf shoes that they end up not wearing or wanting so they give them to me.  Really great friends, right?  So generous, so kind.  And feet that are size 8 1/2.

I’m not poor, I can afford golf shoes…. but what’s the turn on in that?  Golf shoes on sale, now that’s a turn on.  And high-end, hardly worn golf shoes for free, that makes me downright delirious.