pattyblogForget the Rules of Golf, the following are all you need to know:

The YOOL rule:  You’re Out Of Luck!  This one rule covers almost everything that can happen to you on the golf course.  On a rock?  YOOL Rule.  Behind a tree?  YOOL Rule.  Great shot that’s headed for the green but a lawnmower guy comes out of nowhere and deflects it into a bunker…. YOOL!

Lost Tee Shot Rule:  When looking for someone’s lost tee shot, always look 30 yards behind where they’re looking.  Most (if not all) golfers think they’ve hit their drive just about 30 yards farther than they actually have.  Note:  I’m no hypocrite, I’ve heard “Hey, Patty, you’re ball’s back here” more than once.

Water Hazard Rule: Use old balls when hitting over water hazards.  I know, I know, teaching pros say never to do this – always use your usual ball.  But I’m going with common sense on this one.  And my personal experience has been new balls go in the water, old ones make it over every time.

My Personal Weather Rule:  I only play golf if the temperature is at least my age minus 20.   I don’t want to say I’m old, but when I started playing golf my rule was my age plus 20.

Cart Girl Rule: Cart girls (Cart Women / Cart People) will only ever be seen on the 1st,9th, 10th and 18th holes.   They’ll never be on #14 when you’re dying of thirst.


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