P1030035Carol is a Fluffer.  No, not that kind of Fluffer (dirty minds)!  She fluffs her shots on the golf course.  When she’s in the rough or a footprint in a bunker (and thinks no one is looking) she puts her club behind her ball, then with a little flick, rolls the ball, fluffing it up onto a better lie.

I caught her dead to rights once.  After she fluffed, she realized I was standing right there looking at her.  She tried to defend herself — “I really want to make par here and the ball was buried.”  I replied, “Why don’t you just pick it up and put it in the hole for a birdie?”

My sarcasm had no effect, but then one day, because the universe demands it, Karma struck Carol.  In a huge match which was all square (tied) on the last hole, Carol put her shot into a footprint in the greenside bunker that Andre the Giant could have made.   But with others watching, she couldn’t fluff.

She flubbed the shot and lost the match.

I wasn’t happy about this…. I like Carol.  I’m smart enough not to play her in a money match, but I wasn’t rooting against her. But after she lost I just couldn’t help but think that Karma has a way of taking care of things – even on the golf course.


PS:  Maybe I’ll write a future blog about the dilemma of being friends with someone who cheats.