Golf in the Coronavirus Era

While golf (or the lack thereof) is the least of anyone’s problems right now, golf is my therapy, my alone time, my passion, my gym.  Of course, I could survive without it, but I’d be miserable.  So, to all the golf courses that have remained open, having gone to great lengths to do so… THANK YOU!!!  You are my lifeline to sanity. Not shaking anyone's hand after the round Golf courses’ staff have been brilliant in how they’re keeping us (and themselves) safe.  I can play a round of golf [...]

April 7th, 2020|30 Comments

Playing a Highfalutin’ Course, When You’re Lowfalutin’ Me

I think I speak for every public golfer - I love playing exclusive golf courses.  For us, getting out on these gems is a wonderful treat. But exclusive courses can be a minefield of gaffes for a public course hack like me.  Just parking my car poses a problem. Once, I was pulling into a parking space when I noticed every single car around me was a Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar … geees, is that a Rolls?  I parked my ten-year old Subaru down the hill in the secondary lot. Then there's the "only change [...]

April 27th, 2019|Comments Off on Playing a Highfalutin’ Course, When You’re Lowfalutin’ Me